April 24, 2024

Muslims want Nyege Nyege festival cancelled

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The Muslim community in Jinja City wants the Nyege Nyege music festival cancelled, saying it is “immoral”.

The Jinja District Khadi, Sheikh Ismail Basoga Adi, says although many Ugandans will earn from Nyege-Nyege, they are against it.

The annual international music festival is set to kick off on November 9 in Jinja City, with revelers each parting with Shs120,000 per day for the three-day event.

“Things that are being done in Nyege Nyege are not good, especially for the young generation. It generates a lot of money but promotes immorality in society,” Sheikh Basoga said.

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“Previously, it was organized in Buikwe District, but it will be held in the city center. I don’t know the reasons why they chose Jinja City; perhaps those who have investigated what is taking place in Nyege Nyege can testify,” he added.

Derick Debru, one of the organizers from Talent Africa, told the Daily Monitor in an interview last month that the Source of the Nile, Jinja showground, Source Garden Hotel, Nile Park, and part of the Golf Course grounds had been secured to host the festival.

This is not the first time Nyege Nyege has attracted media attention. However, last year, the Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among, attempted to block it, directing that it be cancelled on grounds that it promotes immorality, a claim that the organizers disputed.

Despite its negative publicity, some public figures, including Jinja Resident City Commissioner Darius Nandinda, have thrown their weight behind the controversial annual music festival.

In conclusion, speaking at a fundraising event for the Busoga Women Muslim Daawa and Development Association in Jinja, Sheikh Basonga wondered why the event, which was previously held in Buikwe District, has been taken to Jinja.


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