July 15, 2024
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Local singer Mungi Matovu, popularly known as Mun G, has announced his return to the music fold. The Namalayo singer spent the entire last year without releasing a song.

Mun G told uncoveredug news reporters that “I decided to cool off last year and take a music break. I decided to learn from my predecessors, such as Bobi Wine and Dr. Jose Chameleone. They no longer release a lot of songs and aren’t judged by hits, yet they are still celebrated. So you have to evaluate what kind of legacy you have besides the music.”.

However, speaking about this, the singer said that he had decided to take a music break. He wanted to evaluate himself and see what kind of legacy he had.

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According to the former Baboon Forest protégé, he decided to learn from the likes of Bobi Wine and Dr. Jose Chameleone. These two are no longer releasing so much music, yet they are still celebrated.

However, his music hiatus came to an end, and he announced his return would be worth the wait. Apparently, the singer bragged that he’s going to have the biggest song of the year.

Mun G was an iconic figure, especially among the youth, in the middle of the last decade. His lyrics were catchy and relatable, resulting in slang that is still used today. A few days ago, social media users inquired about his whereabouts and said that he really helped them through school.

In conclusion, he’s already worked on it and will be releasing it soon. Besides, it’s not just one song. He has a total of 10 songs that he will be releasing soon.

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