June 24, 2024

Lynda Ddane Asks Promoters To Treat Local Artists well

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Media personality Lynda Ddane has asked Ugandan promoters and event organizers to treat Ugandan musicians like they treat foreign artists.

Additionally, she made this statement after Chosen Becky raised her frustrations on social media after she performed at an event and was denied payment.

However, Chosen Becky said that it’s not only those promoters; she has been mistreated multiple times. However, she has always chosen peace over violence. The singer said to raise her concern this time around; she was very tired. She had left other events to travel a very long distance to get to the venue where she was booked.

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According to Lynda Ddane, even promoters know that what they did to Chosen Becky or what they do to local musicians is very unfair. She revealed that foreign artists are treated like kings. They are always paid a zero balance before they land in the country. This is not the same for local Ugandan artists.

Lynda told uncoveredug news reporters that “I understand where the frustration of artists like Chosen Becky and others comes from. They see event organizers paying foreign artists before they even land in the country, but the same isn’t given to local artists. Event organizers should accord local artists equal  consideration.”

Furthermore, the radio host said it would be fair enough if event organizers put artists as the priority. This is because they put in so much to show up for the performance.

In conclusion, it should be noted that Lynda Ddane is not the only musician who has exposed event organizers; Spice Diana did the same last year.

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