The visit by the Lord Mayor at the City Abattoir comes after the traders complained about the exorbitant taxes that were being levied on them, which resulted in protests where some of them were assaulted.

After a tour of the facility, Lord Mayor Lukwago said KCCA is in the process of regularizing the operations of the abatoir and setting up slaughter fees as per Section 6 of the Local Governments (KCC) Meat Ordinance 2006.

Lord Mayor Lukwago said that the measures are to be undertaken and that the traders’ input is important in guiding council in setting up the fees.

He noted that the Abbatoir is not actually a market as per the legal interpretation of the KCCA Director of Legal Services, and as such, the new Markets Act may not apply.

He called on traders and their leadership to be firm and stand up against the illegal exploitive tendencies of cartels that, from time to time, purport to take over the control of the Abbatoir and collect money without any accountability.

Lord Mayor Lukwago urged them to also develop futuristic plans to transform the Abattoir into a modern facility.

The Deputy Lord Mayor Nyanjura Doreen, who accompanied Lukwago, thanked the traders for taking steps to resolve the incessant Leadership wrangles in the Abattoir and added that without leadership they will even fail to take care of the very basics like Water and electricity bills for the facility.