July 15, 2024

Local Council operations become illegal starting today

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Local Council One and Two operations will be illegal starting today. This is after the terms of the LCI and II chairpersons expired yesterday.

A section of constitutional lawyers says LCs will be operating illegally unless parliament comes up with an amendment to the Local Government Act 2010 to legalize their operations again.

They are often involved in land transactions and settling domestic disputes, as well as providing village documents like reference letters and stamps to residents.

Cabinet yesterday reportedly discussed the highly contentious matter, which has left the public in panic due to the would-be perceived illegal operations of the village chiefs.

In addition, the local councils play a very big role in different parts of the country, especially in rural areas; they act as the first police in the areas where they are

For instance, one cannot be given bail or open a bank account without an LC1 letter.

Yesterday, the FDC urged the government to avail funds for the LC elections, saying these offices are very important.

Here at Uncovered News, we encourage the Uganda government to embrace the election of the local councils of different parts of the country because they play a very big role in the development of the areas.

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