April 13, 2024

King Saha wishes Bebe Cool death, according to his letter

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King Saha wishes Bebe a cool death. Musician Mansour Ssemanda, aka King Saha, has taken to prayer to wish fellow musician Bebe Cool a happy death. It’s no secret that the two aren’t the best of friends.

However, Bebe Cool had for long advised King Saha to look after himself and quit drugs. The Gagamel boss lauded the Muliranwa singer about how immensely talented he is but looks like a thug. Saha, however, didn’t take this criticism in a positive way.

King Saha told uncovered news reporters, “But seriously, God, why don’t you just strangle some people and just remove them from our lives? For example, there is a man who always calls me a drug abuser whenever he’s doing his interviews, and yet I have never talked about his pork. Imagine the cars and houses we dream and pray for; it’s our enemies who cruise and sleep in them.”.

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Furthermore, he has launched various verbal attacks against the Easy singer, including his family. In a shocking prayer, the former Leone Island singer wished his fellow a very painful death. Saha said that he wishes all his enemies were strangled and killed by God.

He went ahead to point out one person who has attacked and abused him for a very long time. And this is none other than Bebe Cool. Additionally, the Biri Biri singer said that it’s pity God rewards his enemies instead of him.

In conclusion, the cars that he prays for, the houses, and the life he wants—instead,  it’s his enemies that enjoy them. He prayed and wished that God could punish a certain man who always goes on TV and calls him a weed smoker, yet he has never talked about Bebe’s pork.

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