July 20, 2024
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Former veteran singer, actor, and politician Kato Lubwama Paul has today been laid to rest in his eternal resting place in Nkozi.

On June 7, 2023, the country was in shock following the untimely death of Kato Lubwama on the route to Stana medical facility in Bunamwaya.

Numerous individuals from the music industry, political, and theatrical fields paid tribute to him at his residence in Mutundwe, Uganda National Theatre, and then at his ancestral home in Nkozi, Mawokota, Mpigi District.

Based on his will, Kato Lubwama stipulated that he ought to be mourned for seven days before being laid off in Nkozi.

Kato Lubwama’s burial plans, however, suffered a serious setback when the Catholic Church adamantly declined to lead the late man’s  prayers, claiming he believed in ancestral spirits rather than God.

In contrast to the Catholic Church’s decision, House of Prayer Ministries lead pastor, Aloysius Bugingo, presided over prayers at Kato Lubwama’s funeral.

Additionally, Maama Fina has also told the mourners that “when I die, Pastor Bujingo and Pastor Bugembe should pray for my body.”.

At his final burial place in Nkozi, Mawokota, Mpigi District, Kato Lubwama’s funeral drew a big crowd of mourners from all walks of life, including members of the Buganda Kingdom, members of the ruling government, the opposition, music, and among other sectors.

Unlike other funerals, Kato Lubwama was laid to rest at around 7 p.m. In Buganda culture, a twin is supposed to be buried by that time or early in the morning.

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