June 14, 2024

Disabled Police Officer Earns 50 Years in Jail for Killing child

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News reaching our desk indicates that the High Court in Kampala sentenced Inspector of Police, Emmanuel Wilson Abura, to 50 years in jail for strangling his colleague’s nine-year-old niece to death on Wednesday, May 8, 2024.

The incident happened at Nalya Housing Estate, where they used to share a house with the deceased’s uncle, Corporal Joel Mwondha.

The Criminal Division Judge, Margaret Mutonyi, found Abura guilty of the murder of Patience Namwanjje on November 6, 2021.

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Justice Mutonyi observed that Obura was a disgrace and an embarrassment to the entire Uganda Police Force, which is trained to protect lives. She described Abura as an animal in human skin who launched an attack on an innocent child and used his disability to attract sympathy from people.

According to the judge, since his disability did not prevent him from committing a heinous crime, Abura was a danger to people who came into contact with him, especially young children, whom the court owes a duty to protect.

The court sentenced him to serve 50 years in jail, and after deducting the six months he has been on remand, he was ordered to stay in prison and conclude the remaining 49 years and 4 months.

The records before the Court indicate that Abura and Mwondha were sharing a house as two families but later developed misunderstandings after Abura allegedly killed Mwondha’s chicken, disconnected his water, and put the rubbish container in front of his house.

The court heard that the misunderstandings were brought to the attention of the police management, but in vain.

However, trouble started when Namwanjje allegedly used a phone to record Abura, who was threatening to injure Mwondha and his family members.

The court further heard that at about 5:30 pm, Namwanjje was left at home by her mother, Lydia Takali, and went to the shop for about 30 minutes. When she returned, she called Namwanjje, but there was no response.

According to the records, Takali found the door locked and then asked Abura’s children to help her access the home using their house.

When the house was opened, Namwanjje’s body was found hanging with a police lanyard around her neck. Takali raised an alarm, which attracted neighbors and local council officials.

In conclusion, the evidence before the Court shows that police investigations concluded that, given the height of the lanyard, a nine-year-old girl could not have climbed up to commit suicide. The fingers were then pointed at Abura, which led to his arrest and subsequent prosecution.

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