April 24, 2024

Court sends James Kifo in jail for 50 years

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The Chuka Law Court in Kenya has sentenced  a man known as James Kifo Muriuki to 50 years in jail for sealing the wife’s  genitalia with superglue and he did this in May 2020.

The suspect told the court that I also used salt and red paper in sealing the genitalia.

Here at uncovered news, our reporters tried to interact with James and they asked him why he did that to his wife and he comfortably said” My wife has been having a nother man so  I want to seal that gentalia to limit her from enjoying it with that man”. What a brave man James Kifo Muriuki is !.

Further more, we interacted with the citizens who were in the court and they told us that: James Kifo deserved life imprisonment or death penalty not 50 years in jail.

Citizen digital added by telling us that “In the fateful day, Kifo led his wife to river Kathita in Marimanti at night, ordering her to strip naked and reveal to him all the men she had slept with while he was living away in Nairobi”.

“Remember the lady was in pain, James Kifo first beat her before he sprayed the pepper, salt on her genitalia and eventually used a sharp knife to push the mixture in the wife’s genitalia”.

Here at uncovered news we do not support such bad behaviors in Public, so here we support want the Court has done to this gentle man of sending him to jail for 50 years so that he learns a lesson.

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