June 17, 2024

Bodaboda man mercilessly practicing ‘Kasabuni’

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Ugandans on Twitter were left in disbelief and stranded as a video of a grown-up bodaboda man mercilessly practicing ‘Kasabuni’ video went viral on social media platforms.

Such videos have become quite prevalent in Uganda’s social media sphere, often dominating discussions and triggering public outrage.

The Bodaboda rider parked his motorcycle by the roadside and proceeded to enter a maize plantation, clutching tightly onto his bamboo stick. With determined intent, he repeatedly swung his weapon back and forth, showcasing a distressing display of aggression.

Meanwhile, the women who filmed the disturbing incident expressed their concern, questioning the mental state of the man responsible for the violent act. People from all walks of life, including activists, politicians, and ordinary citizens, condemned the brutal actions displayed in the video, calling for swift action from law enforcement authorities.

Such acts of violence have grave implications for the safety and security of the public, as well as the reputation of the boda boda industry, which plays a crucial role in Uganda’s transportation sector.

As the discussions surrounding this video continue to unfold, it is our collective responsibility to demand accountability and foster an environment that values peace and respect for all members of society.

Finally, alarming video of a boda boda man has once again shed light on the urgent need for a comprehensive approach to tackle violence and create a safer and more compassionate Uganda.

written by @enock katamba

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