June 17, 2024

Bad Black Trashes This Year’s “Basama” As Broke

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Shanitah Namuyimbwa, aka Bad Black, has revealed that this year’s Basama are broke and have not benefited her at all. According to her, these people are so broke, like bedbugs, and all they do is yawn.

However, this has been different, and there is no money. Furthermore, she also talked about her marriage, which she claims happened sometime ago. Bad Black had promised netizens to hold a glamorous wedding in Zanzibar, but it never occurred.

Bad Black told uncoveredug news reporters that “this year has been a loss for me because this year’s Basama are just yawning brokenness like bedbugs. Business was good for me last year, but this year, no. Meanwhile, people are asking about my wedding. It happened two years ago in Zanzibar, and my Nikkah was here.”.

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Furthermore, the controversial Bad Black added that she still wants to have children despite already having four. Additionally, she will have a white baby and a black baby. This definitely means that she’s not done playing and sleeping around, as she used to claim ever since she got her lover, Asha.

Speaking about it, she said that she did it two years ago on the lavish island. And then she had her Nikkah Islamic wedding in Uganda. However, she couldn’t invite broke people to attend, and that’s why they don’t know it happened.

In conclusion, she revealed that last year was good business for her because she had about $30,000 before Christmas.

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