June 24, 2024

All Government Officials are thieves – Baker Batte

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Former media personality and political analyst Baker Batte has accused government workers of being thieves. He said every time he interacts with them, they are all always trying to steal from him, even with the little he has.

According to Baker Batte, some government officials are not ashamed, and they don’t fear anything when it comes to stealing from the government. He said most of them know him, and they know he can expose them at any time. However, that doesn’t stop them from trying to steal from him.

Baker told us that “95% of the people who work for the government are thieves. I interact with the government every day, but everyone wants to steal from me.”.

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However, there is so much corruption in Uganda, and most of the corrupt people are top officials in government offices. Some have been exposed to the public, and even others have been arrested for the same reasons.

Still, corruption is a problem in Uganda because only a few have been exposed. Many just hide behind others, yet they swindle so much money.

He also said that the IGG was trying so hard to fight corruption, but the same person who appointed her stopped her from doing her work.

In conclusion, President Museveni has been warning the IGG against being so hard on thieves in government because they will take the money to go and invest in other countries.

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