April 13, 2024

Alex Muhumuza Gets Stuck in Sarah’s sumbie during sex

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Alex Muhumuza, a 38-year-old driver hailing from Kawolo Lugazi in Buikwe district, has found himself in the spotlight for an unexpected reason.

However, the incident unfolded when the duo decided to book a room at a local lodge situated in Buwenge Town Council, intending to spend the night together.

Recently, Alex Muhumuza made headlines after being discovered in a rather compromising situation with Sarah Namagoye, a married woman residing in Buwenge Town Council, Jinja district.

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Furthermore, what was meant to be a private rendezvous took an unexpected turn when they found themselves unable to disengage from each other’s embrace the following morning.

The peculiar sight caught the attention of a waitress who was conducting her routine check of the guests. Without hesitation, she promptly alerted the authorities, who swiftly intervened.

Following the waitress’s alert, authorities promptly evacuated Alex Muhumuza and Sarah Namagoye to Buwenge HC IV for urgent medical attention. As the authorities tend to the medical needs of the individuals involved, investigations into the circumstances surrounding the incident are underway.


This unexpected turn of events serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictability of life and the unforeseen situations that can arise when least expected.

In conclusion, it also underscores the importance of exercising caution and discretion in one’s actions, especially in matters involving interpersonal relationships.

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