May 24, 2024

Hon Aisha Kabanda Reveals NUP’s Aim

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Butambala woman member of parliament and National Unity Platform (NUP) Hon. Aisha Kabanda has revealed the NUP’s aim to expose the government.

However, she said that as the strongest opposition political party, they will have to do everything in their power to make sure everyone knows how bad the government is.

She told uncoveredug news reporters that “we are going to do everything in our power to expose the government. I know it is not easy because we are not in power, but we have voices, and we will use them. Ugandans trust us, and we will not disappoint them at any time.”

Every opposition political party is always pointing out the weaknesses of the government. However, President Museveni recently made a statement about that issue.

The Butambala woman MP said that the NUP and other political parties don’t have much power at the moment. But with the little power and voices that they have, they will use them to expose the government.

He said he feels sorry for people who hate the ruling NRM party. According to Hon. Aisha Kabanda, President Museveni’s statements can’t threaten any of them.

Aisha Kabanda said NUP members have been trusted by people, especially those who voted for them in Parliament, as they expect change any time soon.

In conclusion, the MP added that change comes with the exposure of bad things that have been happening. These include, among others, the killing of NUP supporters, arresting some of them, and even threatening young people who support them.

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