July 20, 2024

22-year-old student killed in Kisoro District

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On Sunday, the police in Kisoro district arrested two people who are suspected to have killed a student of Kasana Secondary school.

The deceased has been identified as Ndayisaba a resident of Kigoma village

The Kigezi spokes person Elly maate told us that “Two people have been arrested to help in the investigation of the murder of the student. Serious action is going to be taken to ensure that the family of the deceaed gets equality about the incident,”.

Parents are encouraged to be vigilant and cautious about their children during this holiday because the term is soon starting.

The father of the late Ndayisaba told us that the boy was sent in the trading center on 27th May at around 3pm to buy sugar but unfortunately they found his body on 28th May dead in the trading center.

One of the village members of the Kigoma told us that parents should stop sending their children to wells alone to avoid being killed.

The spokesperson has stated that the Kigezi region has so far registered 194 cases of the same case.

The two suspects were not identified their names but they will be taken to court until investigation are done.

Inconclusion, we encourage the people of Kigoma village to work together with the government of Uganda to ensure that the family of the deceased is given equality.

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