June 24, 2024

Workers to loose jobs due to ban on Timber exports

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Private companies in tree-growing and timber harvest businesses have started laying off workers as the president’s directive on the ban on timber exports starts to bite.

The executive director for Besepo Uganda, Mr. Ponsiano Besesa, says the directive is affecting the operations of the sector and therefore should be revised.

Additionally, The companies that spoke to uncoveredug news reporters include Busoga Forestry Company, New Forests Foundation, and Besepo Uganda Ltd.

He says the sector has been providing jobs to the local communities, but now they have no option but to reduce the number of workers.

“I have 250 local people [employees] from the ground with no qualifications, and the government’s policy is employment. My brother [another panelist] said he had over 500 and very many Ugandans who have increased to 13%; when employing people, where did they go?” he added.

Recently, Museveni ordered the cancellation of all licenses and permits issued to individuals and companies to harvest timber from forests.

However, Most people are likely to lose jobs due to the ban on Timber and logs.

In conclusion, He made the remarks during a dialogue organized by the World Wide Fund to help affected people in the sector discuss the way forward for the operations, following President Museveni’s directive.


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