June 17, 2024

Wagner chief, Russian invasion based on lies

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Wagner’s chief says the Russian invasion is based on lies.The head of Russia’s Wagner mercenary group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, said the Kremlin’s justifications for its invasion of Ukraine are based on lies, in another extraordinary attack on the country’s military and political leadership.

However, In a video posted Friday, Prigozhin, a key ally of Putin, contradicted the public explanations for the war, including the central claim made by Putin that the 2022 invasion was necessary to prevent an attack from Ukraine.

Since launching the war, Putin has painted it as a defensive operation to protect Russia. He’s claimed it was needed to stop imminent large-scale attacks from Ukraine on largely Russian-speaking eastern regions in Donbas that Russia has occupied since 2014.

Further more, In his video address,Prigozhin, whose fighters have played a leading role in the war, said that was not true and that there had been no imminent risk of attack from Ukraine.

Prigozhin told our news reporters that “The ministry of defense is now trying to deceive society and the president and tell a story that there was insane aggression from Ukraine and that they intended to attack us with the whole NATO bloc.”.

“The Special Military Operation that began on Feb. 24 was started for completely different reasons,” he added.

Prigozhin has been in a public feud with Russia’s defense ministry and its head, Sergey Shoigu, for months, blaming them for Russia’s disastrous prosecution of the war. As Russia has faced deepening setbacks in Ukraine, he has become an unexpected, prominent critic of Russia’s leadership, using social media to post almost daily video updates excoriating it as incompetent but stopping short of directly criticizing Putin.

Prigozhin also said in Friday’s video that the two goals Putin announced at the start of the war—the “demilitarization” and “de-Nazification” of Ukraine—were “pretty stories.”

Instead, he blamed Shoigu, the defense ministry, and a “clan of oligarchs” for starting the war. He accused Shoigu of seeking glory and wanting “to rob” Ukraine and divide up its assets.

Prigozhin’s attacks are extraordinary in Russia, where public criticism of the authorities risks harsh punishment. Since the war began last year, criticism of the military leadership has become a criminal offense.


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