June 14, 2024

URA launches Electronic Receipt Campaign

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The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has unveiled the Electronic Receipt Campaign to boost on the collection of taxes.

This new technique will reduce on the tax evasion through tge Value Added Tax for tge Country.

It will also enable all tax payers to demand for the receipts at a point of purchase.

General Commissioner of URA Musinguzi John said that “The new development is part of Government’s effort towards self-sustenance and reduce on borrowing to fund the budget and will also help businesses improve on their record keeping because the receipts will give an actual picture on the volumes of goods and services sold to the consumers, “.

“This campaign is about cultivating a culture of accountability and a culture of record keeping which are two important ingredients for any economy to succeed and for any economy to develop. We need to have accurate records for us to know the growth of our businesses and consumers to know what we are spending and for what, as you know record keeping hasn’t been part of our culture in Uganda.” He added.

The Authority will be able to give accountability of the taxes collected because the new electronic system will give URA an update on items being sold by all businesses and in future, there will be no need to file taxes as is the current practice.

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