June 17, 2024

UPDF retires 93 top Officers from active service

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The UPDF Chief of Defense Forces, Gen. Wilson Mbadi Mbasu, has called on the retiring Army officers to uphold the UPDF spirit of high professionalism even when they are in retirement.

While speaking at the function, Lt. Gen. Elwelu observed that many of their colleagues did not survive to reach retirement and said that it was like a miracle for them to be able to go back home with two legs.

The CDF remarks were today read by the Deputy Chief of Defense Forces, Lt. Gen. Peter Elwelu, who represented Gen. Mbasu Mbadi at the function, where he applauded the retirees for their resilient service.

Gen. Elwelu pleaded with the retirees to continue serving their causes and other successes since they had already done a great deal for the country.

“Go, take care of yourself, and get ready for your future. Don’t go to the grave while your loved ones are cursing you, since that’s where you will end,” he said.

Gen. Elwelu counseled men to go prepare their wives and children so that they would be content with them once they were gone, asked the retirees to refrain from planning to get vengeance on individuals who had irritated them, and asked them to preach the spirit of reconciliation.

He noted that everything about the Army will depend on the retired officers character and pleaded with them to represent the UPDF very well and prepare for others who are still in service and will soon join them in retirement.

However, the retirees include 63 majors, 13 lieutenant colonels, and 17 officers with the rank of Colonel, with the longest-serving Army officer being Col. Godfrey Okello from Apac District, who has been in the army for the last 42 years of service.

Gen. Elwelu then pleaded with the surviving soldiers to add to their selfless devotion with what the retirees had left, promising to uphold the good name they had established.

“The folks we left behind have maintained their reputation. You can even turn off your phones as you go to sleep. The moment has come for you to approach your cows, goats, and kids,” Gen. Elwelu concluded.

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