June 14, 2024
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Due to the high prices in fuel, fertilizers and the feeds, UK is  going in to egg shortages where by the National Framer’s Union(NFU) has urged the government  to come in and support the local  producers by giving them funds to sustain their businesses and to ensure that the country has more eggs.

National Farmers Union(NFU)’s president Minette Batters  told uncovered news that “Shoppers up and down the country have for decades had a guaranteed supply of high-quality affordable food produced to some of the highest animal welfare, environmental and food safety standards in the world,”.

Minette Batters added by saying “UK is likely to start  experiencing egg shortages if the government doesn’t come in to support the local producers because the they are bank rupt”.

The food threat in Britain is likely to be high due to the  instability in food production, food security.

Batters added “I fear the country is likely to go  into further food supply crisis, with the future of British fruit and vegetable supplies in trouble in the early 2023”.

Here at uncovered news we encourage the government of United Kingdom to come in and support the primary producers by giving them funds to support their farms so that they ensure that the country is stable with more eggs in the country


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