June 24, 2024

Uganda on the spot for sending 600 delegates

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The government  of Uganda is under the spotlight again for sending a 600 strong delegation to the 28th Conference of Parties that is underway in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

However, it makes Uganda one of the African countries with the largest delegations, just a few tiers below Nigeria, the second largest economy on the continent, represented by over 1,400 delegates.

Three months after the budget reading, the government suffered intense criticism after it dispatched two delegations of 70 notable officials to the UN General Assembly in New York, where some of the representatives were from dockets unrelated to the theme of the September summit.

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On the team are 13 ministers and 58 Members of Parliament, along with senior government officials.

The Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LoP), Mr. Mathia Mpuuga, said he did not know how the delegations were constituted but offered that “apart from policymakers and a few government officials, including the MPs, “I don’t expect all those climate shoppers to go to that  conference.

“We need to do an audit of their role there. Otherwise, if we find out that their role is not directly related to the activity taking place, then we should consider that a waste. The gaps must be closed, and whoever is found to be responsible for traveling must be held responsible,” he added.

Julius Mukunda, the Executive Director of the Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group, says delegates should be scrutinized based on their technical competence and capacity to meaningfully engage with issues up for discussion.

In conclusion, speaking to uncoveredug news reporters earlier, Charles Odongtho, the spokesperson of the Office of the Prime Minister, said Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, as head of delegation, only traveled with seven staff from her office.

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