July 20, 2024

Sumbie beef :Kapa Cat and Gravity Omutujju

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Dance hall artist Catherine Tumusiime commonly known as Kapa cat has come to tell the media why Gravity Omutujju beefs her.

Kapa Cat also went on to warn fellow musicians like Mudra D viral who is good at ‘Lugambo’ like women and also talked about Spice Diana that she is ugly, she is trying to force beauty on herself through bleaching her skin.

I personally, I have never done wrong to Gravity Omutujju apart from refusing to give him my sumbie

Kapa Cat told the news reporters of uncovered news that “Gravity is just angry because I refused to okwepicha with him, he wanted to chew my doughnut but I refused so he got angry and started creating this unnecesarry beef. He needs to come out and tell the public what exactly happened,”. 

“The new song known as Kwepicha, gravity did it to me so that I get sympathy and give him my sumbie. I’m here to tell the media and Him that I won’t kwepicha with him😂😂🤣🤣”She added.

You know these men if u deny them the chance of the sumbie they get angry at you.

Its remembered that the two have got a collab known as ‘Center’

We also got a chance and interacted with the trouble entertainment boss and said” Kapa Cat’s thighs are dry like roasted maize or dry chicken, “.

In conclusion, here at uncovered news we encourage musicians to cooperate if they want the music industry to develop


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