June 14, 2024

Spice Diana quits Uganda National Musicians Federation

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Spice Diana, has officially announced her departure from the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF). The federation was established to unite and align the goals of A-list musicians.

Spice Diana had previously denied these rumors, explaining that her busy work schedule was the reason behind her non-attendance at the meetings.

However, in the past few months, some musicians, including Spice, have chosen to leave the federation. Speculations about her exit had been circulating for months, fueled by her frequent absence from the meetings held at the Serene Suits Allure Hotel in Mutudwe, which are led by Eddy Kenzo.

In a recent interview with Spark TV, Spice Diana finally opened up about her decision to leave the federation. She expressed her belief that her departure would not negatively impact the federation’s projects, as she trusts the remaining members to carry out their duties effectively without her.

Although the federation had entrusted her with various responsibilities, she admitted that she had not been able to fulfill them as expected.

In conclusion, Her confirmation about leaving the UNMF brings clarity to the situation and allows her to focus on her music career without any conflicting obligations. It also signals a new chapter for both Spice Diana and the federation as they move forward with their respective paths.

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