June 24, 2024

Sheebah Left Speechless As Her Short Dress Embarrasses

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Sheebah was left speechless as her short dress embarrassed her on stage. Songstress Sheebah Karungi was left embarrassed after her dress, which was very skimpy and short, left her embarrassed.

However, while performing at a corporate party, the Tosobola singer decided to wear a very short white dress. However, midway through the performance, the dress kept going upwards.

Despite numerous attempts to pull it down, she couldn’t. She looked very uncomfortable as her forbidden kingdom kept on getting exposed.

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However, fellow singer Karole Kasita took to the video and laughed so hard. She said that she could relate because it once happened to her. She put on a short outfit, thinking it would fit, but while on stage, all her assets got out.

Besides, the singer, who is known for her energetic performances full of dancing, couldn’t do it. She just resorted to singing because she would have left her karma region all out if she attempted to dance.

She took to her Instagram to express how uncomfortable she was. Adding to that, this is one of the biggest problems in her job.

In conclusion, the self-styled Queen Karma replied that that’s why she loves performing in her buggy shorts and jeans. Sheebah was left speechless as her short dress embarrassed her on stage.

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