July 20, 2024

I’m sorry, Sarah K. Official pens an apology

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Popular and notorious Ugandan TikTok influencer Sarah K. Official has apologized to her fans and family.

This apology comes after a video alleging that she was seen playing with her tiny beans circulated on various social media platforms.

Through her social media, she has humbly apologized to her beloved fans because that’s not what the brand intends to do.

Sarah K. Official continued to narrate to Uncovered News that there are some people who want to put her brand down.

Additionally, she says that no one will intimidate her because she has faced a lot of challenges; therefore, this will also come to pass.

The troubled Tiktoker also revealed that there is a prize money of about $1000 if somebody provides the video with her head on; however, it should not be edited.

Sarak K’s official told our news reporters that “I have someone who has pledged 3.5 million to whoever provides the video of me doing that insane stuff like the one in the viral video. Hmm, make sure that the video reveals my real identity clearly by showing my face. I am sorry to my fans and family for the insane blackmail trending on different socials.”.

In conclusion, we are waiting to see the person who will provide the footage having the head of Sarah K. Official to win the money

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