July 20, 2024

Pretty Nicole :Why she escaped from school???

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Following her escape from school a few days ago, Pretty Nicole, real name Musimenta Emanuella, has resurfaced and revealed why she illegally escaped from school

On Thursday this week, Pretty Nicole’s guardian came forward and revealed how the juvenile had escaped from school.

The guardian expressed her displeasure with Nicole for wasting her time, money, and resources by taking care of her and covering her education expenses.

A few days later,Nicole addressed the issue on a live TikTok broadcast. She admitted that she was unable to continue her studies since she did not comprehend everything that was being taught in class.

She added that some of her male teachers used to touch her inappropriately; hence, she couldn’t study in such an environment.

Nicole asserts that she is fortunate to have fled Kasese School because more than 20 children there were killed by the ADF rebels.

The tiktoker wondered why she was being seriously beaten in a video of her stealing a friend’s husband.

Despite her escaping from school, God saved her from being killed by ADF rebels yesterday.

Finally, here at Uncovered News, we seek to go back to School and complete her studies rather than regretting it in the future.

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