June 17, 2024

Pretty Nicole speaks about the Trending video

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School dropout and upcoming “BAD BLACK” socialite Pretty Nicole has officially roared about the insane video making all rounds on different social media platforms.

The troubled teenager has revealed to Sabula Ug why she is the topic in the country; however, she believes she will get through all this.

Social media in-laws woke up to a new trend of Pretty Nicole videos on Thursday morning, something that has brought a standstill to most of the online businesses. Hmm, yes, many people who run online businesses have suffered serious losses as we speak right now because their customers’ attention has been switched to the Pretty Nicole video.

For starters, Pretty Nicole escaped from school without clear reasons. According to her, she revealed that she was not understanding what her teachers were teaching in class. Therefore, she resorted to selling off her SUV to make ends meet, something she is very proud of.

Reports coming in confirm that she has distanced herself from the trending video because that is the last thing she can ever think of. She also revealed that some people just want to frustrate her after she dropped out of school.

80% of the search engines, for instance, Google, Yahoo, etc., are very busy as internet users are creating new Pretty Nicole keywords every minute.

She told our news reporters that “I’m sorry to my fans, family, and well-wishers that my name is being tarnished in that way. Whoever is trending on all those socials ain’t me.”.


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