June 24, 2024

Premier league 2022/2023 season exit is today

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Today 28th May 2023, its going to mark the end of the Premier league season of 2022/2023.

It has been along way since May 2022 where the Premier league began.

Teams are just playing to complete their games because the trophy was won already by the citizens of Manchester, I mean Mancity😂😂

The Golden glove was also worn by David de Gea of Manchester United as well as Erling Haaland(Mancity) being the top scorer of the tournament with 37goals. What a scoring machine Haaland is!

Arsenal were seen as the favorites in winning this season’s trophy but unfortunately luck was not on their side, because they ended up loosing the remaining games.

After the ending of Premier league, players from different clubs will start to see their futures for next season.

“Remember the transfer market of players will start from 1st June up to 31st July,”.

Today the battle is going to be between three teams that’s to say Leeds United, Leicester City as well as Everton to see which team is going to remain in the Premier league next season and which two teams are to join Southampton in the Championship next season.

Burnely, Shieffield United and Lutton Town were the teams that were promoted in the Premier league for 2023/2024 season.

All the matches are going to be played at 18:30hours (East African Time) and below is the Premier league fixture for Today;

Chelsea vs Newcastle 

Leicester city vs Westham 

Arsenal vs Wolves 

Southampton vs Liverpool 

Crystal Palace vs Nottem Forest 

Astonvilla vs Brighton 

Everton vs Bournemouth 

Leeds United vs Spurs

Brentford vs Mancity 

Manchester United vs Fulham 

ManCity, Arsenal, Manchester United and Newcastle United are the chosen ones to play  Champions league next season

Liverpool and Brighton are the favorite of playing UEFA Europa  as well as Aston villa playing conference league next season.

Here at uncovered news, we thank our dear viewers for always following our sports updates about the Premier league. We promise to be giving you transfer updates during the summer.


To watch  all these games live CLICK HERE



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