July 18, 2024

Police arrests five thieves in Nansana

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Five thieves have been disturbing the area and neighboring places. In recent months, police in Nansana, Lubigi, Nabweru, and Ganga have been registering complaints of break-ins and attacks on residents by thieves wielding machetes.

Police developed a list of more than a dozen suspected machete-wielding thieves, but last evening five were arrested with the help of an informer.

Nansana police arrested Ssabagereka, and he revealed that he had bought it from Isingoma Lwegaba, also known as Wasswa.

It is believed that an informer sighted Julius Ssabagereka with a television flat screen that had been reported stolen from one of the residents in Nansana East I A zone and tipped off the police.

Luke Owoyesigyire told our reporters that “Lwegaba led to the arrest of the other three suspects he revealed as his accomplices.”.

“The Nansana Police Division has made significant progress in addressing criminal activities within its jurisdiction. “On June 16, 2023, a targeted operation was conducted based on intelligence information, leading to the arrest of individuals involved in a panga-wielding gang responsible for a series of robberies,” he added.

Police have identified the other three suspects as Ddumba Faizo, alias General Faizo, Muwonge Joseph, and Mutebi John. Owoyesigyire said the suspects have been identified as key members of the criminal gang operating in Nansana Division and its neighboring areas.

Owoyesigyire added by saying, “The investigations have revealed that this gang has been involved in various criminal activities, including the robbery of televisions, mobile phones, and cash. Their modus operandi involves monitoring individuals in bars and subsequently ambushing them on their way home. The recovered evidence includes two televisions, two pangas used in the robberies, and four suspected stolen mobile phones.”.

Police said the arrested suspects have named Abbu Lukwago, alias Abasi, who is still at large, as their ringleader. Owoyesigyire said they are pursuing leads to locate and apprehend Abasi, as well as any other associates and promoters associated with this criminal network.

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