June 17, 2024

Pastor nabbed bonking waterlogged sheep from Church Office

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Police officers in Mbale are investigating a highly ‘worshiped’ prominent church Pastor (name withheld for now) after he reportedly tortured a 21-year-old boy who nabbed him bonking a church member inside his office in Mbale City.

It is alleged that the horny prophet has, on several occasions, lured the female victim, who is in her early 20s, into his office to avoid being caught by his wife and church attendants.

On noticing that they had been nabbed pants down, the famous prophet ordered the church guards to torture the boy. He locked him up for days without food, and as if that was not bad enough, during one of the Sunday summonses, he publicly flogged him. He also invited other followers to join in administering the punishment.


Additionally, He would then remove her pants and engage her in a sex orgy for several hours, warning her never to tell anyone about their affair. “The boy has been an ardent follower and at times would help the prophet as an aide around the church. On the fateful day, he entered the office to deliver some message, only to find the man of God panting like a rabbid dog while feasting on one of the church’s waterlogged babes, who is also a member of the church,” said a source.

“At the highly guarded church located in Mbale city, no one can speak apart from the self-proclaimed prophet, and those who try to criticize his weird actions either end up in jail or get dismissed from the congregation,” another source added.

In recent interviews, a director at the church said it was started by two prophets in the early 1960s for the purpose of spreading the Gospel.

In conclusion, Since its initiation, their church has never been affiliated with any other local or foreign church. Last month, the prophet and his church administration were condemned after they told their followers to stay hungry for three months if they wanted to go to heaven and meet God.

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