July 15, 2024

“My Male Besties want to sleep with Me”– Nabbi Omukazi reveals

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Nabbi Omukazi, popularly known as Maggie Kayima, has revealed that almost all her male besties want to sleep with her. On her Facebook page, the former gospel singer said that it has always been a challenge for her to keep a male buddy.

Additionally, the majority of them end up catching feelings. As soon as they confess their feelings to her, their friendship is completely shattered.

She told us that “keeping a male buddy has always been a challenge for me. All of them end up catching feelings, and as soon as they speak up, our friendship is ruined. How do you manage to maintain them as friends? I am in desperate need of some notes since I am about to lose a couple.”.

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She proceeded to ask her followers how they are able to maintain friendships with people of the opposite gender.

Apparently, she revealed that she’s about to lose a couple of male friends who are about to take the same route. Therefore, she needs notes on how to handle this situation.

Well, it’s no secret that people usually develop feelings for one another, especially if they are so close. However, in such different gender-tight friendships, the feelings tend to be one-sided at times.

For others, the business of ‘bestie’ usually turns into intimacy. It’s no wonder that nobody wants to date a person who has a so-called bestie of a different gender.

In conclusion, the moment one opens up and they get rejected, the friendship develops a fracture. It cannot basically go back to where it was.

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