June 14, 2024

Martial brings back glory at old traford

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After loosing on the weekend against Aston villa by 3 goals on one goal, the coach had to put in mote effort to improve his squad to ensure that he gets a win so that he remains in the the carabao cup. He made many changes in the squad to ensure a win.
By bringing in Martial who has been on injury for three weeks, brought the improvement  at Old Trafford resulting in to glory.

The win against Aston villa in the Carabao Cup yesterday, has given Manchester United moral of working hard to ensure that they secure a win against Fulham so that they reduce on the gap between them and the fourth team spurs because they bare working hard to ensure that they be able to play champions league next season.

The presence of Anthony Martial on the pitch yesterday made him yo work hard to please the coach so that he trusts him against the game Fulham because martial is on form and he is the main striker now because he has the ability to fight for the ball and he is good at dribbling.

Erik Ten Hag has improved Martial by giving him more playing time and trusting him and when he plays a game, Manchester United wins. So lets expect a win against Fulham when martial plays

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