June 14, 2024
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Yesterday evening at around 8pm, the Subaru driver of number plate UAJ704K, lost control and carelessly knocked Erias Lukwago(Lord mayor)‘s gate and entered his compound and damaged some properties that were in the compound

At the time of the Subaru Car crash, the children had just entered. And only the Police were still standing outside of the gate. The car didn’t danger any lives but Lord Mayors property like the gate was destroyed.

“Remember the Driver who was driving this car was arrested there an then”. The police is yet to find out whether this was intentional, or the driver was under the influence of any other substance.

Through uncovered news, Lord Mayor tried to interrogate the driver, “He strongly denied to be influenced by any of the other substances”. He further asked him wanting to know whether he had come to kill him.

Stay alert on uncovered news as we wait for the police’s final conclusion.

The Lord Mayor his Lordship Erias Lukwago informed Journalists that he wasn’t satisfied with the police’s Investigations. He strongly refused them to take away the car until they had done enough Investigations. The Investigation done by police was not convincing to the lord mayor.

written by @enock katamba

Mr. katamba Enock: Professional designer with experience in web designing who started this activity in 2019 at Kyambogo University after graduation . Contact me on : (+256-758287080)

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