May 24, 2024

Land wrangle leaves 97 cows killed

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In Nakaseke District, there is a family that has lost 97 cows  and other properties over  land wrangles.

The 97 cows killed and the property destroyed has been on 505 acres of land, in Wabusana Village, Wakyato Sub-county Nakaseke District.

We have been told that the attack was done at night at around 3:00am by a group of people having dangerous machetes.

Mr Nsubuga Luwemba, a member of the family that lost the animals, told us that am unhappy with the police for not protecting the community.

He went on and told our news reporters that “We are party to the land dispute on the 505- acre land on Block 830, Plot 1 Bulemeezi in Wakyato Sub-county, Nakaseke District. While the district security committee instructed the police to ensure order and maintain a status quo on land under dispute, one of the parties organised goons to attack and loot our property in broad daylight,”.

“I have a land title of this very piece of lanf in the names of Musoke Sulaiman. I accuse four people who want claim to be having the same land title of the land”.He added

The accused people who claim ownership ovwr the same piece of land are Mr Rajab Mukasa, Mr Musanje Hamis, Mr Lugaba Robert and Ms Aisha Nampijja.

We tried to ask all of them to see if they have involvement in the act of damage of property and animal killing and all of them denied the act

So we encourage police to take serious action to find out the real owner of the disputed piece of land

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