June 14, 2024

Lampard gets his first win against Bournemouth

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Chelsea’s Head coach Frank James Lampard has got his first win today against Bournemouth of 3-1.

Today’s win against Bournemouth has made the blues to go in the 11th position with 42 goals.

Lampard had gone four games without winning any game and the blues supporters had started doubting his tactics and they were suggesting the boss to fire him.

Felix scoring the third goal for the blues has made them gain confidence of remaining in the Premier league to play next season of 2023/2024.

If the blue had lost this game, their chances of playing in the Championship next season were high.

After the Referee blowing the final whistle, we had to look for Lampard. He told us that “Am happy for this great results we have got today, and I want my players to focus on the next game. My players are in good momentum and they are focusing on the next match,”.

Today we are happy that Lampard has got his first win at Bournemouth.

“The remaining teams that have not played against my team get worried am coming,”  Lampard added.

In conclusion, here at uncovered news we pray that Chelsea wins their remaining games and their remain in the Premier league tournament rather than going to the Championship.

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