June 14, 2024

Kanyamatekye bridge construction to cost 1.2bn

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The government of Uganda plans to construct the Kanyamatekye bridge in Busanza sub-county at a cost of 1.2 billion shillings.

This was revealed by the state minister of gender and labor in charge of children and youth affairs, the honorable Nyirabashitsi Sarah Mateeke.

Hon. Minister Sarah Mateeke told uncovered news reporters that “The construction of Kanyamateke Bridge is reflected in the 2023โ€“2024 national budget at 1.2 billion shillings. The residents are also facing challenges in transporting their goods to the markets and accessing other services ever since the said bridge is in a sorry State”.

In addition, she applauded her fellow members of Parliament for the cooperation exhibited during the passing out of the 2023โ€“2024 financial year budget.

Considering the likely dangers that may result from using the dilapidated bridge, district leadership banned vehicles from crossing the nearly collapsing bridge.

She also announced that tarmacing tourism roads in Kisoro is in the pipeline, adding that some residents where the road will encroach on their lands have started receiving compensation from the government.

She calls on residents to continue embracing government programs and cooperating with their leaders to improve their household incomes.

In conclusion, she also reflected that the national budget for 2023โ€“2024 is 450 million shillings for renovating Buhoozi Health Center 3 in Busanza Sub County, Kisoro District. Honorable Minister Sarah Mateke said that Buhoozi Health Center has dilapidated structures and plans to use 450 million shillings to renovate the health facility.


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