April 24, 2024

John Blaq tired of looking for Rema for a collaboration

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Singer John Blaq has revealed that the one local artist he has been stalking for a while with the hope of scoring a music collaboration is singer Rema Namakula. However, his frustration has grown over time, becoming worse since she got married to Dr. Hamza Sebunya.

“The one person I look forward to working with for my life to get back on track is Rema. But since Hamza took her, I no longer see her. I just need one tune,” he said while appearing on a local TV station on Saturday, August 27, 2023.

Remember John Blaq became a subject of criticism for his choice of a Kanzu at the Tikula singer’s wedding in late 2019, earning the title of worst dressed. He has now said his goal was not really the ceremony but to find Rema in person. The songstress had been in a long-term relationship with singer Eddy Kenzo prior to settling down with Hamza.

Blaq claims his hit song, Makanika, was written so he could record it with Rema Namakula.

“I even attended your wedding, and they laughed at me for dressing badly, but I was looking for you. Till now, I haven’t met you. You might be busy, but why is nobody telling you I have asked?” a disappointed Blaq wondered.

In conclusion, he claims he went through her best friend Namulondo (Evelyn), actress Faridah Ndausi, and even the singer’s manager Kayemba in vain.

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