April 24, 2024

German civil servants are expelled from Russia

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Hundreds of German civil servants and State employees living and working in Russia are being expelled.

Germany’s foreign Minister spokesperson said in a statement that they are given few days to leave the country.

“The latest order applies to German diplomats, state employees working in Russia and teachers at the government-sponsored Goethe Institute, which offers German language courses and cultural exchange programs. All must leave the country by June 1,”. He added

“This limit, set by Russia as of the beginning of June, requires a major cut in all areas of our presence in Russia,” the statement read. “The Federal Government is now concerned to ensure a minimum presence of intermediaries in Russia while maintaining a diplomatic presence as well,”.

Ever since the war began, stability and peace in Russia and Ukraine is no more because fighting eachother is the daily food.

Most of the countries that are not supporting  Russia, the president is  forcing them to leave the country as soon as possible

Russia president Putin told our news reporters that ” Its time for everyone to go back to their country otherwise we are likely to see more people dying. Before 1st June, the Germans should be no more in the country”.

In conclusion, lets wish the German government goodluck in rescuing their people from Russia.

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