June 24, 2024

Gaba road on list of top Kampala drink-driving hotspots

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The police have named roads where you have high chances of being crashed into by a drunk driver in the Kampala metropolitan area.

The Traffic Police have named Gaba Road, Kiira Road, Jinja Road, Entebbe Road, Kampala-Expressway, and Northern Bypass as some of the most deadly roads at night because of drunk drivers.

“The Traffic Directorate has identified high-risk roads where most accidents caused by driving under the influence of alcohol occur. We have therefore decided to intensify operations targeting drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol,” says SP Kananura.

Every year, drink-driving is listed among the leading risk factors for road deaths and injuries, not only in Uganda but worldwide. The World Health Organization and Uganda traffic police have often noted that alcohol impairs both the driver’s vision and decision-making ability, thus putting all road users at high risk of injury or death.

However, Superintendent of Police Michael Kananura, the traffic police spokesperson, said police monitored the roads using Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras, and their records indicate driving, riding, or walking on such roads is very risky as many drivers are drunk, especially during the night hours.

The Traffic and Road Safety Amendment Act (2020) provides in Section 111 the offense of driving with a blood alcohol concentration above the prescribed limit. In the regulations of 2023, it is considered that any alcohol concentration that reaches 50 milligrams in 100 milliliters of blood is considered high, especially for a vehicle that is not for public service or an ambulance.

Similarly, a driver of a public service vehicle or ambulance is considered drunk once the blood alcohol concentration reaches 20 milligrams of alcohol in 100 milliliters of blood.

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