June 14, 2024

Frank Gashumba: No One Knows Rickman In Our Family

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Frank Gashumba has denied knowing his daughter Sheilah Gashumba’s boyfriend, singer Rickman Manrick. He said he is not the only one who doesn’t know him; the whole family knows nothing about him.

However, Sheilah and Rickman have been dating for almost three years. They have lived their relationship on social media, which is very familiar to Frank Gashumba. The two have always protected each other from negative comments made about them.

Apparently, Frank Gashumba has never recognized Rickman Manrick. The last time he talked about him, he referred to him as “Kony,” a notorious warlord.

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Despite all that, Sheilah has kept her relationship with Rickman, and they are even stronger than they used to be. Additionally, he said that for now, he knows his daughter is single and doesn’t know the man the media is talking about.

According to Frank Gashumba, he doesn’t believe in boyfriend-and-girlfriend types of things. He said a responsible man should know that he needs to visit the lady’s home.

“I don’t know Rickman Manrick, and my family doesn’t know anything about him. It is only social media that knows him, not our family.”

In conclusion, it should be noted that Gashumba was at one point heard in a recording talking about his disappointment in his daughter.
This was apparently because of the choice of men she dates. He said they are somewhat suspicious and look like criminals.

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