April 13, 2024

Female Friends Are The Worst To Have – Carol Nantongo

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Singer Carol Nantongo has revealed that having female friends is the worst thing a woman can ever do to herself. The singer, during an interview, said that she gave up on having them and only has male friends.

According to Carol Nantongo, a female friend first and foremost is not trustworthy. The moment you open up to them and tell them all your deepest secrets, you will find the entire community knowing everything.

Carol told uncoveredug news reporters, “To be honest, I just gave up on having female friends. It’s impossible to have a fellow woman as a great friend. You tell them all your secrets, and the next thing you know, they are public secrets. I just can’t anymore, and I distance myself from them nowadays. Besides, they pretend to be happy with your progress, but deep down they wish you the worst, unlike men.”.

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Furthermore, they never want to see their fellow women progress. Even if they tell you that they are happy for you, deep down, they don’t like the strides you are making in your life.

Therefore, she decided to remain with only male friends because they are developmental, less dramatic, and trustworthy.

Many have interpreted this message as one directed at fellow singer Lydia Jazmine. The duo had been great friends—in fact, BFFs—for quite some time. However, they fell out last year over unclear circumstances. Rumors had it that both were dating singer Eddy Kenzo unknowingly.

In conclusion, when they found out, tempers flared. However, each of them has denied this fact. Lydia Jazmine even didn’t invite Carol to her maiden concert last week.

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