July 15, 2024

Eddie Sendi: “I’m Disappointed In Bebe Cool’s Sense Of Fashion”

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Uganda’s best entertainment critic, Eddie Sendi, is apparently disappointed in Bebe Cool’s recent sense of fashion. He said he doesn’t understand why a man like him decides to put on a t-shirt with so many holes in it.

Recently, Bebe Cool made the rounds on social media dressed in a distressed t-shirt with holes. It is normal for celebrities to put on such clothes, but Eddie Sendi wasn’t pleased with Bebe Cool.

According to Eddie Sendi, he understands that celebrities are supposed to dress a certain way but doesn’t expect them to go extreme. He said what Bebe Cool put on doesn’t correspond with his integrity or career.

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“I don’t know what kind of fashion that is, but I was so disappointed in Bebe Cool. That t-shirt with holes that he put on showed that maybe he is not okay. He has worked for his integrity and career; I want him to maintain that,” he added.

Everything has changed in the industry, and it is hard for artists of his era to catch up with the new generation. However, Bebe Cool has been in the music industry for more than 20 years.

In conclusion, the singer has tried so much to keep his head up and improve on everything to be on the same page with the young artists. Young artists use fashion as part of their music and marketing.

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