July 18, 2024

Dr. Cephco and girlfriend sex tape part two out

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Tik tokers Vyone Nakankaka and Dr. Cephco release another part two sex tape out when they are chewing themselves while  Vyone producing “kyovu”

All the sources reveal that the couple recorded themselves while testing the forbidden fruits in the “gardens of eden”, they wanted to make part two of the sex tape,

“Remember, they first released their first sex tape video that impressed and stricken the social media while Cephco showing talent on how to do it and  his dancing style made men  worried  because he could take their wives”

It should he recalled that a few months ago, the couple had a porn tapr of chewing each other which left many Ugandans accepting that ugan has got talent after seeing Dr. Cephco’s big long cassava

As we wait for the video which isyet to be seen out but we are still in rumors but soon, here at uncovered ug we are here to update you once the video is out, the link will be shared

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