June 17, 2024

DJ Nimrod Expresses Displeasure with ‘Sheebah Karungi’s Outfit’

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DJ Nimrod, also known as Nimrod Nabeeta, expressed his dissatisfaction with Sheebah Karungi’s attire during her recent performance at Roast and Rhyme. Sheebah, who performed an array of her popular songs such as “Nipe Yote,” “Exercise,” “Twesana,” and “Ice Cream,” delivered an impressive show in Jinja last Saturday.

However, DJ Nimrod, a prominent figure at Galaxy FM, wasn’t entirely pleased with Sheebah’s fashion choices. He felt that the knickers she wore over her outfit during the Roast and Rhyme Nyam On The Nile edition over the weekend undermined her overall appearance.

Her dynamic performance captivated the attention of the attendees and garnered praise from those who watched online. The combination of her energy, choreography, and interaction with the audience left a lasting impression, with many commenting on her noticeable improvement in terms of stage presence.

“Her performance was on point, and the vibe was at 100%, but that knicker ruined our all-green outfit. It was completely unnecessary.” Nimrod expressed his disappointment on Twitter.

While DJ Nimrod acknowledged Sheebah’s talent and exceptional performance, he couldn’t overlook the fashion faux pas. The addition of the knickers seemed out of place and clashed with the cohesive look she was trying to achieve.

In the entertainment industry, appearances play a significant role, and artists often receive praise or criticism for their fashion choices. DJ Nimrod’s critique highlights the importance of considering every aspect of an outfit, as even a small detail can make a substantial impact on the overall impression.

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