April 13, 2024

Dj Jacob: ‘kenzo, tell your fans to leave my family’

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Dembe FM presenter Dj Jacob Omutuuze, real name Jacob Akugizibwe Kyaligonza, has threatened to expose Eddy Kenzo’s dirty laundry if his fans continue to attack his daughter Melissa.

In a prior interview with BBS TV, Jacob Omutuuze was quoted as saying that he was no longer friends with the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF)’s Eddy Kenzo.

A few weeks ago, Eddy Kenzo fell out with his long-time friend, DJ Jacob Omutuuze, for reasons best known to them.

In a social media-circulating audio clip, DJ Jacob expresses his displeasure over the Big Talent Entertainment group criticizing his daughter on social media.

Jacob notes that when he contacted Eddy Kenzo’s manager, Martin Beata, about the social media attacks, he recommended that he not involve him in fan battles.
The Bunamwaya LC III Councillor said he has known Eddy Kenzo for a very long time and is certain he is responsible for the cyberattacks.

It is at this moment that DJ Jacob Omutuuze issued a warning to Eddy Kenzo to stop the social media attacks or face having his dirty laundry exposed to the public.

In conclusion, here at our news platform, we encourage Eddy Kenzo to talk to his fans to avoid embarrassment from DJ Jacob Omutuze.

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