June 14, 2024
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Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president Cindy Sanyu has watered down allegations suggesting that they have joined the Eddy Kenzo-led Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF).

On Friday night, rumors started swirling on social media, pointing out that UMA had succumbed to pressure and joined UNMF.

She stated that UMA will not be joining the Uganda National Musicians Federation unless it offers favorable terms.

The rumor that was ignited by Spark TV host Ibrah K. Mukasa disclosed that Cindy and some of her subordinates, including UMA treasurer Big Eye Starboss, made the decision following a six-hour meeting at the UNMF Offices in Mutundwe.

The hearsay further suggested that the meeting had senior representatives from the National Cultural Forum (NCF), UPRS, and UNCC.

Upon crossing paths with the rumors that were spreading like wildfire, Cindy Sanyu was quick to dispel them via her social media handles.

Cindy, however, insisted that talks about joining UNMF are still underway and moving in the right direction. She promised to provide detailed updates once everything was resolved.

Uma president Mrs. Cinderella Sanyu Okuyo told our news reporters that “As Uma, we have always wanted to federate, but it is the terms of federating that are an issue. If the terms are favorable, Uma will federate, but for now, let no one fool you; Uma hasn’t joined the Uganda National Musicians Federation.”.

“The music industry is huge, and inclusiveness is important. Let us not forget our allies, e.g., Writers, producers, managers, publishers, etc. It would make more sense to federate according to the value chain, not just us Musicians.Discussions are ongoing and we’re working towards a positive result”.She added.

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