June 17, 2024

Another Ugandan shot in Kenya riots

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Another Ugandan is stuck at a Kenyan hospital after sustaining gunshot injuries from stray bullets fired by Kenyan police as they dispersed rioters in Busia, Kenya, recently.

Although her condition is now stable and she has been discharged from the New Busia Maternity and Nursing Hospital, Auma is stuck there with an unpaid bill of about Khs110000, which is approximately Shs2,801,484.

“She had a bullet shot in her thigh, so we took her to the theater. We checked and found out that the bullet did not affect the nerves, so we did surgical foliage on the patient. After managing that, we admitted the patient, and we had to continue with the inpatient management. At the moment, the patient is stable, and she was discharged the other day. She’s good to go home; unfortunately, the patient is not able to foot the bills of what we had done in the hospital,” Mr. Oradi, the hospital administrator, said before urging members of the public to support Auma.

However, Earlier this week, Uncovered Uganda published the story of an 8-year-old Ugandan boy who was also reported to be nursing gunshot wounds at Busia County Hospital in Kenya after he was allegedly shot by Kenyan police who were dispersing rioters last month.

William Guliti, a pupil at Marachi Primary School who lost his parents at the age of two, was caught up in the skirmishes called by Kenyan opposition figure Raila Odinga.

In conclusion, Rebecca Auma, 26, a resident of Budidi village in Namyingo district, is said to have gone for treatment at one of the health facilities after she was shot in the left thigh.

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