April 12, 2024
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Abbey Musinguzi, widely known as Abtex, recently faced a significant setback in his career as an event promoter and artist manager.

The Uganda National Promoters Federation (UNPF) made a unanimous decision to strip Abtex of his position as president.

However, the decision was reached during a meeting held at the A’llure Hotel (Serene Suites) in Mutundwe. The members expressed concerns about Abtex’s lack of credibility to effectively lead such an office. It is worth noting that he had not yet been sworn in.

To ensure continuity and progress for the federation, the responsibility of running the office now falls upon the three vice presidents. They are tasked with guiding the federation towards its set agenda and goals until a new president is elected.

Juma Balunywa, another well-known event promoter, shed further light on Abtex’s removal from the presidency. Balunywa revealed that Abtex had been offered an alternative position on the board of trustees, where he would act as an advisor and overseer. This offer was made to soften the impact of his removal.

Balunywa added that one of the main reasons behind Abtex’s dismissal was his decision to organize a concert in direct opposition to his vice president, Balaam Barugahara. Abtex’s actions were seen as a violation of the federation’s rules and regulations, leading to his subsequent removal.

In the days to come, a new president for the UNPF will be elected. The federation will soon communicate the details and procedures for this election, ensuring a smooth transition of leadership.

In conclusion, The UNPF’s decision to remove Abtex highlights the importance of credibility and adherence to established rules in positions of leadership. As the federation moves forward, it aims to restore stability and continue its mission of promoting and supporting events in Uganda’s vibrant entertainment industry.


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