July 20, 2024

Verstappen tops Hamilton in chaotic session

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In the formula 1 competition around the World, Verstappen ended the race  while leading the sheet.

During the race of these cars they normally use the GPS system to monitor where the cars are. Unfortunately there was a failure of the GPS systems not working and it led to dangerous  incidents on the road. A red flag was introduced to enable the race continue after the failure of the GPS systems

We tried had to ensure that we know the list of the drivers who resumed after the red flag came in and this is the list as shown below to our viewers

Here’s how the timesheet stood as we resumed after that red flag.

  1. Max Verstappen – 1:18.790
  2. Sergio Perez +0.503
  3. Fernando Alonso +0.527
  4. Charles Leclerc +0.588
  5. Carlos Sainz +0.715
  6. Pierre Gasly +0.856
  7. George Russell +0.909
  8. Lance Stroll +0.976
  9. Alexander Albon +0.976
  10. Oscar Piastri +0.987

Max Verstappen ended it at the top of the timesheet, four tenths clear of Lewis Hamilton in second.

These two have been racing to see who is the champion of this tournament but it ended up showing us the winner.

We interacted with Max Versteppen to congulate him and he told us that “I am very happy that I have won this race and I take this pleasure to thank my team for the support and also uncovered news for the tradimous support and courage towards the race”.


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