April 12, 2024

How I balance work and family time – Dr. Hamza

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Dr. Hamza Ssebunya, the husband of renowned singer Rema Namakula, has opened up about the balance he maintains between his professional responsibilities and his family life.

However, In an interview on a local TV station, Dr. Hamza emphasized the importance of appreciating and tending to the unique qualities that the wife brings to the relationship, especially the precious gift of time.

Hamza told uncovered news reporters that “To appreciate such qualities, it’s crucial to be present and involved in every aspect of life together.”.

Additionally, he values and respects the time he dedicates to his wife, Rema Namakula, and their children.

Acknowledging their differing professions, Dr. Hamza, a gynecologist, highlighted the significance of careful planning to ensure dedicated family time.

He revealed that he creates daily and monthly schedules, with family time given utmost importance, ensuring that nothing interferes with those cherished moments.

Rema and Dr. Hamza have enjoyed a loving relationship for the past three years and are considered a power couple, radiating love not only at home but also on social media platforms.

Here at our news platform, we take this pleasure to thank Dr. Hamza for balancing work and family time. He is trying to do what Kenzo didn’t manage to do to Rema.

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